Bekhmind consulting

Co-creator of business intelligence solutions

Bekhmind consulting works with a network of professional developers and architects having more than 10 years experience to deliver suitable business intelligence solutions.

Our services

As a manager you require analytics capabilities in order to provide objective facts that will be used to decide. At Bekhmind Consulting we provide a complete service from requirements analysis to solution delivery, whether it is highly customized or not.

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Report easily. Decide quickly. .

Get today the tools that will help you manage your business.

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Our core values

These are our fundamental beliefs that guide our daily routine.


We believe that an open and honest communication, even a difficult one, has better results in the long term.


We believe in the power of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. And by 'everyone' we also mean the customer.


In theory everything is ideal, but in practice we should be ready to come up with creative solutions.

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How do we work?

Because we want our customers to use our ideas in the long term, we focus our advices on two essential elements: simplicity & added value.

Why? Specificity usually involves complexity, but also high cost to build and maintain. Complex solutions are also more difficult to assimilate or to use in the long run. It doensn't mean that solutions should not be customized, but it is crucial to determine the missing features that will greatly add value to you. 

We also prefer the agile mindset. This means that we prefer to deliver continously small features, whose order will be defined by your priorities, instead of having a big transition and use two systems in parallel.

Our activity sectors

Throughout the years we applied our expertise on the following sectors.


Whether you transport freight or passengers, we help you measure your most profitable routes.


Looking for optimizing your chain production? We measure production time, waste, efficiency rate, etc.


Assess the relevancy of your paper & email campaigns and your most profitable products. 


Compare your actuals to your budget and measure your margin.

Want to move forward and measure your company performances?

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